Thymuskin Shampoo and Conditioner

For more than 30 years, the THYMUSKIN® 2-step system has been successfully used to fight against thinning hair problems. It is used not only to nourish, reinforce, and strengthen your hair, but also to provide essential nutrients for overall hair care, all leading to noticeably thicker hair. THYMUSKIN® is suitable for both men and women and has no reported side effects. What makes THYMUSKIN® unique is the biologically active ingredient GKL-02 and additional quality ingredients found within the products. That's why dermatologists recommend THYMUSKIN® for scalp and hair care.


How Does Thymuskin Work?

What makes THYMUSKIN® unique is the biologically active agent GKL-02, as it inhibits various enzymes that play a key role in hair treatment. Harmful DHT are potentially blocked, which can reduce the dying of hair follicle cells. Furthermore, THYMUSKIN® activates and proliferates the keratinocytes in the hair matrix; the basic substance of each hair. 

It promotes the formation of new hair cells and strengthens the existing hair follicles. THYMUSKIN® also includes active ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin E and Urtica dioica which provide additional caring and nurturing functions. Also included are cosmetic ingredients such as Panthenol or plant & wheat proteins, which form a group providing hair care properties. Due to its effective active ingredient, no side effects, and its studied results, THYMUSKIN® is continuously recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists and salon owners.

ThymuSkin products are available for purchase here.

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Glen Luepnitz